The Fans Have No Chill For Wizkid’s New Song With Drake | Read Some Comments

Starboy dey ‘ere so!
The official video for Wizkid’s latest collaboration with Drake, ‘Come Closer’ dropped a little over 24 hours ago, and the fans have got too many things to say.

Prior to now, we had asked fans to give a comment review on the new release. So after randomly compiling a few from both the web and social media platforms, we’re sharing them with y’all now.
Enjoy reading!
  • Instead of Nigerians to be appreciating the fact that Wizkid featured Drake…I mean Drake??? The number one artist in the works right now…they are busy hating him…no wonder Nigeria is not moving forward…#HatersEverywhere
– Yusuf | Web commentator
  • Pride……both wizkid and drake……Young money family sha……if you can’t find lil wayne on drakes latest album…don’t bother seeing drake on wizkid video…drake feels too big fr wizkid…from one dance video you will know that drake only record with wizzy but never acknowledge him
– Yakubu Yahx Ali
  • I av seen alot of features on songs dat d artist is not on d video both locally and internationally, so y is wizzy own now a problem. Abi na drake go make d video dope pas d way e dey. Its very clear dat no matter what u do, sum stupid idiot will still criticize u. Anybody wey dey vex say drake no dey d video mak d person go put super glue for eye so dat him/her no go fit watch am on tv. Instead of supporting him and hyping him for d good work, u are dia looking for drake n criticizing wizzy, as if dey can do more dan a dead rat. Stupid fools. Am proud of Daddy Yo. He is my number one artist in Nigeria n if u dey vex, thunder fire u, if u insult me thunder fire u, if u no lik my comment thunder fire u and any bad tin u say or do thunder fire u.
– Ljay Sidiku
  • Am sorry to say but wizkid have loss it mehn..these not the wizkid of baba nla I know
– Lekido Leksid | Facebook commentator
  • This is the next big thing tho, kindly help us with download link, nice one
 Sharon | Web commentator
  • Hate da chorus but love Drake’s part
– @Swanky_flakes | Instagram commentator
  • Hush up the silence abi come closer I’m getting confused.
– Richie Bang | Facebook commentator
  • Like I always say, Wizkid is just a confused and unintelligent guy who can’t write a good piece. I didn’t get one message out of everything he said. But look at Drake, he was communicating. Which one is yeah yeah yeah yeah come closer yea yea yea again. You dey crase?
– Anonymous | Web commentator
  • Nice song I love the starting when Wizkid said: ‘Starboy this’
– @iam_temitayour | Instagram commentator
  • Drake part rock
@iam_queenly | Instagram commentator
  • Most boring song of the age….can’t believe drake has turn to boy,he shouldn’t come out to challenge #cole nd #kendrick cos he’s lost his touch….thump up wizzy but next time chose a real r’n’b or pop singer.
Holla | Web commentator
  • This track has to be the worst song have heard from wizkid
– Kelvin Emoghene | Facebook commentator
  • Not bad, but not a hit tho

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