Nigerian Backlashes Comedian & ActressEtinosa On Her Joke About Rape

Comedian and Nollywood actress Etinosa took to her Instagram page to share this video about rape, and she is currently facing some backlash.
In the video, she says when a lady is being raped she should think of it as having a one night stand to avoid the psychological effect of the abuse.
A lot of comments on the video have stated that rape is a very sensitive topic and shouldn’t be spoken about lightly.
What are your thoughts?
The video has since been taken down from Etinosa’s page.
She said:
Esohe thinks, In order to combat the psychological after effect of rape- the feeling of dejection, loss of self worth/esteem, humiliation, pain, trauma, emotional and psychological imbalance, a woman, haven discovered she can’t escape the situation, should “make the best” out of it by converting it to having sex practically and also in her mind. This is not to say that justice should not be served to offenders but for the sanity of the victim, she should live in denial and tell herself she just had a one night stand…… Do you agree? What do you think?

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