My wife rejected a millionaire to marry me — Zakky of the New Masquerade fame

Tony Akposheri, popularly known as Zakky in the now rested television drama series, The New Masquerade, is almost 29 years in marriage. He met his wife, Anna, while on the set of that famous drama series that ruled the silver screen in the 80s. One thing led to another and they are today happily married with four children to show for their union. The couple recounts the evergreen story of their journey into marriage.

Years of marriage
We are almost 29 years in marriage. Our first child is about 27 years while our second child is 25 years. The other two are above 18 years.

How we met
I met my wife on the set of the now rested T V drama, New Masquerade. She came to play the role of Eze’s daughter in the drama series. She was in her teens when I met her. I approached her and we started dating. The rest is history. In fact, my colleagues then, Gringory Akabogu and Ovuleria, wife of Chief Zebrudaya in the New Masquerade drama series, encouraged me to propose to her.

The attraction
Her innocence and smartness attracted me to her. She’s multi-talented and very beautiful. But I didn’t propose to her immediately. She needed to be sure that I was real because most of the ladies then were always afraid of having anything to do with male celebrities.

Was I ready to marry?
Not really, but when I saw the qualities I was looking for in her, I made up my mind to settle down. She’s a good cook. I must confess that she’s the best cook I have ever met. That was one of the things that attracted me to her.

Ups and downs
I had nothing when I married her. Before then, there was a young millionaire suitor who was coming to ask for her hand in marriage. I was earning only N100 per episode in the New Masquerade while the lead character, Gringory, was earning N120. Then I was living in a room and parlour apartment, while her millionaire suitor had a duplex and cruising in posh cars. Things were not rosy for me then, but I think love conquers all things. She really loved me and ready to accept me for what I am.

Strength of marriage Understanding.
Marriage has to do with understanding. If you understand your partner, nothing on earth can come between the two of you. But if you love her and you don’t understand her, your marriage is bound to have a crack.

What gives joy in marriage
The knowledge of the fact that I have somebody like her who overlooks my atrocities. I have offended her many times and many times she has forgiven me. That’s why I said marriage must be built on solid foundation of understanding and love.

What I would like to change about her
Absolutely nothing. She’s everything to me. After 29 years, she’s still my best friend. She keeps me going on, and there’s nothing I can change about her.

Why marriages crash
Where there is no understanding, a marriage is bound to crash. My wife married me when I had nothing. She rejected a man who had everything to make her happy in marriage. She could have married the man, but she rejected him because of me. She did understand my kind of person. So many people go into marriage today without understanding their partners. Such a marriage is bound to collapse. Everything is not about money; even though money is essential in marriage, understanding is the driving force.

When I feel loved by her
All the time I feel loved by her, especially when she’s cooking in the kitchen. Not only that, watching her sleep peacefully beside me with her sweet breathe gives me joy. I feel loved and excited that I married my friend.

My husband doesn’t take things seriously —Wife
The secret of looking ageless after 29 years in marriage I have peace of mind, I don’t like any thing to bother me. I like expressing my mind and that is it. Yes, I married very early, at the age of 19.

Why I married him
I saw a man with a golden heart. His heart is open, he is free-minded. Like he said earlier, I had a suitor who was coming to me then. They even said the man proposed to me when I was born. As I was growing up, they introduced him as my uncle, until I travelled to Nasarawa State to spend my holiday, when he started touching me. At that point, I told him that he was supposed to be my uncle. When I came back to my village, I narrated the experience to my mother and that was how I rejected him.

Fear of marrying a celebrity
I didn’t entertain any fear because I was confident that anywhere he goes, he will definitely think about to me.

Things I don’t like about him
My husband makes fun out of everything. When you are talking about something serious, he doesn’t take that thing seriously. I like him for that.

What I cannot do for him
Nothing I cannot do for me apart from bringing a woman to him.

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