Daddy Fresh urges new generation musicians to produce impactful music

Veteran Musician, “Daddy Fresh’’ born Innocent Onyemuwa, on Monday urged upcoming musicians to focus more on creating songs that would make meaningful impact in the nation.

Daddy Fresh, who pioneered Reggae music in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos, alongside “Daddy Showkey’’and “Baba Fryo’’, said in Lagos that the music industry was still evolving.

“Thank God for the current rave of music in Nigeria today, it shows that we’ve got what it is to compete with the western world and thank God our boys are actually killing it, our ladies are killing it also.

“It gives me hope that our future, that tomorrow Nigeria will be at the top because we’ve got all it takes, good rappers, good singers, we’ve got our representatives.

“The artistes, they are trying though, but I have this little problem with their stereotype kind of lyrics, their content, but whichever way they are rapping real good, and I thank God it’s moving really fast.

“I’m not really down with their monotonous kind of lyrics, everybody talking about one thing, `wind your waist`, the x-rated words and sometimes there’s too much repetition and I’m not okay with that.

“I want us to be more creative, though I’m not saying they are not trying; creativity is going to give us what we are looking for to stand out internationally,’’ he said.

Daddy Fresh, who made his mark with his hit track “Eleru gbeeru e’’ in the mid-1990s, told NAN that he was back with a new single titled: “Winchiwinchi’’.

“Winchiwinchi’’, as a song, I’m actually talking to individuals too, because whoever it is that doesn’t want the progress of his brother -man or his sister is a “winch’’.

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“You that seize the opportunity meant for your brother-man to get to that top and you decided to be a stumbling block, you’re a winch.

`Winch` I call it in pidgin English, not witch. “You as a government, you as a leader and you don’t want the upliftment of your citizens, you are a bigger winch.

“That is what the song is actually talking about here.’’

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