Brooklyn Beckham Didn’t know His parents were Famous Until He was a Teen

Imagine not knowing your were famous until you were kind of grown up to even care. That had to be something you could be genuinely upset about.
In an interview with Wonderland Magazine 17-year-old photographer Brooklyn Beckham, revealed that he didn’t know his parents were famous until he was a teen.
“I didn’t actually know that they [his family] were big until I was about 13,” he said, recalling the moment he figured it out. “I went to a football game and people were shouting my dad’s name and I was like, ‘What?! Oh my God. I don’t look at them like that.’”
“Considering my parents broke down and told me the truth about Santa Claus when I was 10 years old, I’m veryimpressed with their secret keeping abilities”. He said
That had to be something. David andVictoria Beckham had some impressive secret keeping skills.
SourceMarie Claire

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