Accept you are fat and move on, Ayomide Awosika tells plus-size girls

The face of modelling is fast changing all over the world as the terrain which used to belong to slim models has been invaded by plus-size women, most of whom are even on the very fat side.

 No one knows how the idea of ‘plus-size’ women evolved because what is considered as plus-size is basically what was considered as ‘fat’. But no woman wants to hear she’s fat because to them it sounds almost derogatory.

However, one plus-size model, Ayomide Awosika, who participated in the last Miss Curvy Nigeria beauty pageant last year is not buying the #Plus-sizeand proud campaign, saying it is just a ploy to cover their shame of being addressed as ‘fat’.

 She said for you to really love your body you must accept yourself the way you are and come to terms with the reality that you are fat.

 In a social media post the model shares her thoughts on being fat and being plus size “Many ladies use #PLUSANDPROUD but the question is, are you really proud of being a plus-size lady? What would you do if you are addressed as a ‘fat lady’ in the public,will you embrace it or revoke it? I’m not against the size race ladies, beauty comes in sizes and we have to embrace our size and skin and focus more on the other facets of life rather than fighting or competing among ourselves,” she advises.

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