Full List of Airtel KYC (Know Your Customer’s) Locations in Nigeria

Montelent April 15, 2018

Airtel KYC Locations

KYC locations


KYC self-help platform (sms & USSD based) helps customers find the nearest KYC registration location to them. This is to create ease of access to information on nearest KYC registration locations.

Service is available via USSD Menu (*386# for new activations), and SMS (send HELP to 38600 for already exiting customers).

Customers that want to register their lines can access the nearest Airtel touch-point for assistance as regards Airtel product and services, and get a list of out-lets nearest to them using the USSD or the SMS plat-form or checking on the Airtel website.

KYC self-help plat-form is available to all customers (New and Existing).



Question: What does “AREA” mean?

Answer: This is the closest popular point to customer location e.g. Send ‘Help’ to 38600 and response he gets should read-Send “STATE” “AREA” to 38600 e.g. Lagos Ikeja to 38600, Kano sabon gari to 38600, Abia ariria to 38600.

KYC Registration Points


88 Aba-Owerri Road, AbaAbaowerriAbia
Ariaria by ExpressAriariaAbia
Ehere Market by Ogbor Hill, AbaOgborhillAbia
111 Okigwe Road AbaOkigweAbia
Umuikaa JunctionUmuikaaAbia
41 Igbo Road Fambuchez Office,UmuahiaunmuahiaAbia
York by main RoadYorkAbia
12 Milverton avenueMilvertonAbia
38 St Micheals RoadStMichealsAbia
Cemetry Market by entranceCemetryAbia
22 Azikiwe Road, AbaAzikiweAbia
Eziukwu by Cemetary MktEziukwuAbia
205 Ikot Ekpene Rd, O/H AbaOgborhillAbia
Enyimba Ariaria central ChurchAriariaAbia
Shop 158 Upstairs, Ariaria A-Line, Ariaria IntlAriariaAbia
36C St Micheals rdSt MichealsAbia
Besides Ecobank, Ariaria A-Line, Ariaria Intl MarketAriariaAbia
Obikabia JunctionObikabiaAbia
68 ikot Ekpene Road, AbaAbaAbia
Ukwa East by new MrketUkwaAbia
Obehie Mordern MarketObehieAbia
MCC Junction, AbaMCCAbia
Uratta Junction by Enugu-PH Express wayUrattaAbia
Old Express off Samek JunctionSamekAbia
2/4 azuka drive O/H,abaazukaAbia
12 Ukaegbu Road, O/H AbaUkaegbuAbia
Shop 6 Bakasi Park, AriariaAriariaAbia
23 C/O ChimereChimereAbia
82 Jubilee by Asa RoadAsaAbia
81B Ngwa Rd, AbaNgwaAbia
Ngwa Road post office, AbaNgwaAbia
1 PH Road, AbaABAAbia
132cameroun Road Jons Office abaABAAbia
9 Alozi Street by Enyimba AriariaAriariaAbia
49 Ikot-Ekpene Road, GSM Galaxy, UmuahiaIkot EkpeneAbia
26 Brass Street, AbaBrassAbia
7B Asa Road, AbaAsaAbia
62 Ama Owerri, Umu-Osu NsuluNsuluAbia
Obohia Asa central market by expressObohiaAbia
32 Ohanku RoadOhankuAbia
115 Ikot Ekpene RoadIkot EkpeneAbia
Osisioma JunctionOsisiomaAbia
68B Ngwa Road, AbaNgwaAbia
55 Umuada Road, ObehieObehieAbia
1 Ehere Market Ogbor Hill, AbaOgborAbia
79 Aba-Owerri Road, AbaAbaowerriAbia
2 Pound Road, AbaPoundAbia
192 PH Road, AbaPortharcourtAbia
Opposite Power LinePowerLineAbia
190 Obohia RoadObohiaAbia
Old Express off Samek JunctionSameKAbia
46 Asa RoadAsaAbia
101 Ohabiam Road by Ojoto PH RD AbaOhabiamAbia
2 Enugu-Ph ExpressWay (Osisioma Junction)OsisiomaAbia
Sweet Fast Food,  Bata Junction AbaBataAbia
154,Okigwe Road AbaOkigweAbia
25 Umule Road, AbaUmuleAbia
205 Azikiwe Rd by East AbaAzikiweAbia
Fly Over Junction, AbaAbaAbia
56 Okoko ItemOkokoAbia
Amapu Ntigha by T JunctionAmapuntighaAbia
Amaba, Isikwuato by new marketAmabaAbia
52 Hospital Rd AbaHospitalAbia
22 Court Rd, AbiribaAbiribaAbia
Uturu, Isikwuato by expressUturuAbia
20 Jaja Street off 88 Ph rd AbaPortharcourtAbia
Ogbor Hill by marketOgbor HillAbia
Isiala Ngwa Mbutu by high wayMbutuAbia
20 Uzuakoli Road UmuahiaUzuakoliAbia
New Ubani Market by entrance UbaniUbaniAbia
2 Bende Road UmuahiaBendeAbia
Amapu Ntigha, Isialangwa by express wayIsialangwaAbia
Eket by Enugu RD, UmuahiaEketAbia
22 Ndioru IkwuanoNdioruAbia
98 Umudike, IkwuanoUmudikeAbia
Low Cost Housing Estate by Agbama RdAgbamaAbia
8 Club Road, UmuahiaUmuahiaAbia
Ibeku Rd by Warri StreetIbekuAbia
Apumiri Ubakala village Town hallApumiriAbia
12 Umuwaya Rd, UmuahiaUmuwayaAbia
44 Olokoro TownOlokoroAbia
23 Moaua UmudikeUmudikeAbia
66 Moaua UmudikeUmudikeAbia
26 Lagos Street UmuahiaLagosAbia
Tonimas JunctionTonimasAbia
No 1 Bank Rd UmuahiaBank RoadAbia
34 Umudike, IkwuanoIkwuanoAbia
23 Mission Hill, UmuahiaMission HillAbia
29 Ama Ndima ArochukwuArochukwuAbia
32 Leru, UmunneochiUmunneochiAbia
16 Milverton Avenue, AbaMilvertonAbia
23 Ozu Abam, ArochukwuArochukwuAbia
54 Ogboro IsikuwuatoIsikuwuatoAbia
33 Onu Ibina IgbereIgbereAbia
65 Agrrey Rd, ArochukwuArochukwuAbia
33 Amaokwe ItemAmaokweAbia
116 Arochukwu Rd,  Ebem OhafiaEbem OhafiaAbia
44 Ututu. IhechiowaIhechiowaAbia
Absu, UturuUturuAbia
22 Arochukwu Rd, Ebem OhafiaEbem OhafiaAbia
35 Obinohia Village, IsikuwuatoIsikuwuatoAbia
55 Lokpanta rdLokpantaAbia
Market Junction UzuakoliUzuakoliAbia
22 Isiama, NkporoNkporoAbia
35 Achara, IsikuwuatoIsikuwuatoAbia
2 Pound Road, Aba/Azumini VillaAzuminiAbia
172 Obohia Road, AbaObohiaAbia
23 Ngodo, IsuochiIsuochiAbia
81 school rd abaSchool RoadAbia
23 Abiriba Street UmuahiaAbiribaAbia
154B, Okigwe Road, AbaOkigweAbia
23 Abiriba Street UmuahiaUmuahiaAbia
154B, Okigwe Road, AbaAbaAbia
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Damsa MarketDamsaAdamawa
Jimeta Modem MarketJimetaAdamawa
Ganye MarketGanyeAdamawa
Jada MarketJadaAdamawa
Gurin MarketFoforeAdamawa
Tingno MarketTingnoAdamawa
Gombe Road NumanNumanAdamawa
Girei MarketGereiAdamawa
Jabbi Lamba Junction Along Mubi RoadMubiAdamawa
Askira Uba Junction Maraba Mubi RoadMubiAdamawa
Mubi Main Market Close To Maman Rashida ResturantMubiAdamawa
T Junction Along Mubi Road GombiMubiAdamawa
Michika Market Shagon Mallam Baba MichikaMichikaAdamawa
Bullcomm Hong Bakin Kasuwa HongJimetaAdamawa
Echologistics Nig Ltd Galadima Aminu Road Jimeta YolaJimetaAdamawa
Kasuwar  Gangarato Ganye LgGangaratoAdamawa
Gubla Village Madagali RoadGublaAdamawa
Near Bazza Bridge Michika LgMichikaAdamawa
5 Sokoto Street Asas Communication Yola TownSokotoAdamawa
Mayo Belwa Ain  Layin Dawa Mayo BelwaMayo BelwaAdamawa
3Party Computers Opp Lg Sec GulakGulakAdamawa
Amir Comm Maiha Main MarketMaihaAdamawa
After Gombi Lg Secreteriate Sainana Office GombiGombiAdamawa
Garha Village Along Hong RoadGarhaAdamawa
Suljab Ventures Kasuwan Dare Michika Main MarketMichikaAdamawa
Gulak Main Market,Opp First Bank GulakGulakAdamawa
Asas Communication Police Round About Jimeta YolaJimetaAdamawa
29 Mohd Mustapha Way  Jimeta YolaJimetaAdamawa
Bullcomm Hong Bakin Kasuwa HongHongAdamawa
Opp Police Station, Gerei TownGereiAdamawa
Barikin Sajo Village Alon Song RoadSongAdamawa
Sani Ujulu Communication Kabang Market Mubi SouthKabangAdamawa
Kafin Hausa Madagali LgMadagalliAdamawa
Opp First Bank Bakin Kasuwa Along Gombe RoadBakinAdamawa
Savanna Sugar Company Gate Along Gombe RoadSavanna SugarAdamawa
Opp Yen Kifi Shelleng Main Market ShallengShellengAdamawa
Close To Brige Gerei Baba GereiGereiAdamawa
Jabbilamba Opp Motor Park, Jabbilamba TownJabbilambaAdamawa
Malkatan Comm Along Mubi Road SongMubiAdamawa
Ngurore Close Kasuwan Shanu NguroreNguroreAdamawa
Asas Office  Mubi Wuro Jibril MubiMubiAdamawa
1St Get Guyuk Market  Alon Jadda Road GuyukGuyukAdamawa
Bakin Kasuwa Mubi Close To Asas Maaji OfficeMubiAdamawa
State University Main Gate MubiMubiAdamawa
80 Mohammed Mustapha Way, Jimeta -Yola.JimetaAdamawa
2, Lamido Aliyu  Way, Jimeta-Yola.JimetaAdamawa
16 Galadima Aminu Way, Yola.GaladimaAdamawa
80 Mohammed Mustapha Way, Jimeta -Yola.JimetaAdamawa
2, Lamido Aliyu  Way, Jimeta-Yola.JimetaAdamawa
16 Galadima Aminu Way, Yola.YolaAdamawa

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