Easy Way to Recharge Your Smartphone using Camera

Recharge Using Your Smartphone Camera

Recharge Using Your Smartphone Camera

Many Atimes you feel so lazy to type in the recharge pin to recharge your phone. In some cases where you buy like 5 cards and you are too lazy to start typing the pin. This Camera way can help you in a million ways.


How to Recharge Your Smartphone Using the Camera

  1. Install Recharge King App from Playstore on your phone from this link.
  2. Scratch away the silver foil to reveal the voucher pin.
  3. Launch Recharge King App to scan voucher pin.
  4. Tap OK to verify that the scanned voucher pin is correct. If not, tap rescan.
  5. Now, tap top-up airtime or add data bundle according to what you want to use the recharge voucher for and wait for the response.


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