Comprehensive List of MTN Tariff Plans, Migration USSD Codes, Details and Benefits

TomitFebruary 7, 2018
MTN Tariff Plans


MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above. That is customers can get more value for their recharge anytime.
To migrate and enjoy this service simply Dial or Text;
Dial*123*2*1#Text BT to 131

How does MTN BetaTalk call rate work?

  • National calls will be charged at the rate of N25.20/minute (42k/sec) from the customer’s main account and N27/minute (45k/sec) from the bonus account.
  • All National calls, SMS and Data will be charged from the customer’s main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.
  • International calls, International SMS and Data while roaming will be charged from the customer’s main account only at the prevailing international rate.
  • NB: (National Calls & National SMS means calls & SMS to all networks in Nigeria i.e. On-net and Off-net calls and SMS)


What is MTN Xtraspecial Postpaid?

MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid is a special tariff plan that allows you enjoy a FLAT rate of 15 kobo per second for MTN-to-MTN calls, MTN-to-Other networks and to 18 selected international destinations from the very first second. MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid tariff plan does not attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee.

How does MTN Xtra Special Postpaid work?

With MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid, you enjoy Flat rate of 15 kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks; MTN-to-MTN calls and MTN-to-Other networks. 
Flat rate of 15 kobo/second for calls to 18 selected International Destinations.
Plus other exciting products and services.

Summary of MTN Xtra Special Plan and Eligible Destinations

MTN-to-Other Network15k/sec
MTN-to-18 Selected International destinations
Eligible destinationsCanada
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
South Korea
Hong Kong

MTN XtraValue

What is XtraValue

MTN XtraValue Bundle plan allows you buy a bundle that gives you a combination of huge airtime for voice calls and unbelievable volume of Data to go with it.The Bundles are available in 2 categories and at different price points from N300 to N20, 000

What bundles can I choose from?

  1. XtraTalk Bundles – Offers more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume
  2. XtraData Bundles – Offers more volume of Data than airtime for voice calls 
Table(How XtraValue works)

Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN97550MBText V300 to 131
XtraDataN372150MBText D300 to 131
Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN1,950100MBText V500 to 131
XtraDataN624300MBText D500 to 131
Data ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN3,875312.50MBText V1000 to 131
XtraDataN1,275750MBText D1000 to 131
Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN9,750625MBText V2000 to 131
XtradataN2,5602000MBText D2000 to 131
Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN24,5001,666.67MBText V5000 to 131
XtraDataN6,5005000MBText D5000 to 131
Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN30,0003GBText V10000 to 131
XtraDataN12,0008GBText D10000 to 131
Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN50,0004GBText V15000 to 131
XtraDataN18,85013GBText D15000 to 131
Voice ValueData ValueHow to Subcribe
XtraTalkN70,0005GBText V20000 to 131
XtraDataN25,70020GBText D20000 to 131
Summary of XtraValue Bundle

  • The offer is available to ALL Prepaid Customers
  • Prepaid Customers will be automatically migrated to XtraValue Plan after subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle plan.
  • To subscribe to a bundle plan, dial *131*2# and select the preferred bundle type.
  • You will be able to purchase multiple bundles while on the plan.
  • You will be able to check your XtraValue Bundle balance by dialing *556# or *559*61#.


What is MTN Pulse? 
Pulse is our community, where we get to express our lifestyle and enjoy a prepaid tariff plan of 11 kobo to talk,  laugh and love more. 

How Do I Subscribe? 
Simply send 406 to 131 or dial *406*1#

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